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  New Gyrobot (Minigyro II)

*Light weight
*2 KS-8 Gyros
*Holds up to 32lb Camera
*WT: 21 lb w/Shock Tube
*Same performance as the Minigyro
*Now two pounds lighter

*Run & Gun

*Budget Conscious

*Camera Stabilizing

*K-8 Kenyon Gyro Stabilization

*Compact Size

*No Installation Required

*Easy to Transport

*NO FAA Approval needed

*No helicopter modifications

*Can be used in most R44, Bell,
Eurocopters, Cars,
Motorcycles, ATV's, Boats,
Fixed-Wing Aircraft, anything that moves.

*Will handle camera packages
 up to 30 lbs

*Suited for Film - Camcorders - Still Cameras - Digital
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Tyler Minigyro Stabilizing Camera Mount 
is one of the first stabilizing camera mounts to go from one shooting platform, i.e. helicopter to another such as, car, motorcycle, ATV, etc., in one easy set up format. The latest Tyler stabilizing camera mount with great versatility. It's compact size makes it the perfect choice for working in tight spaces.  

Some features of the Tyler Minigyro stabilizing Camera Mount:
variable position handles, camera quick release mounting plate, adjustable tilt head for shooting up or down and specially developed shock tube to eliminate vibration and support the Minigyro and camera package. There are 2-Kenyon K-8 gyros which provide opposing forces to enhance a smooth shot.  The Minigyro runs on 24 -28 volt battery.

For ease of transport, the Minigyro comes in a shipping case with wheels. Total shipping weight without batteries is only 43 lbs.

NOW, there is a camera mount, which offers high quality results for the budget conscious-projects.
Winner of the Vidy Award at NAB 2010